Friday, March 27, 2020

Murphy, Your Center School Dog Interventionist!

Hello Everyone!

I miss you all so much!  While we are away from school,  I asked my Mom if I could make a video series to share with you what I've been doing and hopefully bring a smile to your face!  Check back often and feel free to write me or send videos of yourself to my Mom, at  She will show them to me and I'll respond to you right away (I'm getting very good at typing on the computer!).  Take care!



Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Text Feature Time for Third Graders!

In collaboration with the amazing third grade teachers, Mrs. Moore, Ms. Iancu, Mrs. Craft, and Mrs. Bombardier, students have been writing their own non-fiction chapter books!  In tech, they created text features to make their books POP!   Congratulations to all of our new authors!

Enjoy examples of text features created by students and be sure to ask them if you can read their books!  INCREDIBLE work!!

Please click on an image to enlarge and look at the awesome detail!


First Graders Teach the Water Cycle!

First graders were so excited to work on choral reading for their movie!  Practicing their scripts and working on saying their lines together, they did a fabulous job showcasing the water cycle that they are learning in science class.