Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Center School Sightings Newscast!

This CSS update features the fifth grade math game night organized by Mrs. Baron and the fifth grade teachers as well as Mrs. Serafino's second graders social studies Thanksgiving Museum.  There are so many terrific things going on at Center School and we thank our amazing parents for being so incredibly supportive!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Landforms by Fourth Grade

As the fourth grade learn their landforms, with their teachers in social studies class, they create a PicCollage of pictures and definitions to aid their study in class.  Some chose to put the landform name on the poster, some are going to make you guess!  Good luck!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

CSS Special Report - Mystery Reader Comes to Kindergarten!

Kira's Dad, Nolan Pratt, a two time Stanley Cup winning hockey player, comes to Mrs.  Palazzi's class with Screech, the Springfield Falcons Mascot.  What an exciting day for the kindergarteners!  Mr. Pratt, who now coaches with the Falcons, read the book, The Magic Hockey Stick by Peter Maloney and Felicia Zekauskas.  Then Screech passed out goodies to the children and led a chant for his team!
Our own CSS videographer, Daly, was live on the scene to catch all of the action!  She produced the entire segment herself.  Way to go Daly and thank you Mrs. Palazzi, Mr. Pratt, and all of the kindergarteners for inviting us!

All CSS episodes can be found on our website: Center School Sightings

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fifth Grade Narratives Go to the Next Level!

The fifth graders are writing fictional narratives in English language arts class, incorporating the science concepts they learned during their field trip to the Meadows.  In technology, they are working on their writing and learning how to create glossaries and diagrams using various Google apps in their accounts.  What an incredible job they are doing adding to their stories!                            ~Please click to enlarge