Friday, December 20, 2013

Center School Sightings!

So much going on this time of year!  Enjoy every minute of  it!  Thank you to Ms. Manna's class for their work on the latest CSS.  All fifth graders have now had an opportunity to participate in our newscast!!  We will be taking a January hiatis and fifth grade classes will have a second chance to be a part of it all starting February.
Don't forget to tune in on LCT, channel 12, Tuesdays 6:00pm and Saturdays 10:00am.
Want to watch your favorite episode again?  Check out our website:  Center School Sightings.

Friday, December 13, 2013

What Do the Vowels Say?

Valerie Fritz, our reading specialist, knows how to teach vowel sounds!!  She took the top trending music video of 2013, "What Does the Fox Say?" and remixed it for her students to sing.  You're going to love this music video, "What Do the Vowels Say?" What an incredible job by Valerie, the first graders and the second graders.  You can't watch it just once!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Second graders go through Ellis Island!

As part of their studies on immigration, the second graders studied Ellis Island  and created an audio iMovie of the process many of our ancestors went through.
Be sure to catch the second grade segment on their incredible immigration dolls on the next CSS.
Fantastic work Grade 2!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Center School Sightings!

Mrs. Manna's fifth graders have begun filling all of the jobs it takes to make this, our fifth episode.  Excellent job students!  Wow!

Don't forget to check our website to see previous episodes~  Center School Sightings