Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Graders Celebrate Earth Day!

Using our interactive Smartboard, the first graders discovered many facts about Earth Day including the motto,  "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."  See how they used this incredible piece of technology to learn and retain information about this important day.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Third Grade Website Designers!

The third graders worked very hard to create these amazing websites!  First, they learned the skill of taking notes.  Next, they learned how to set up a website, include their notes as the main information of their site, and collaborate with a partner.  Lastly, they added images, videos and games on the subject of nouns!  If anyone needs a website made, just ask a third grader!

Click on the names of websites to be transported to the exciting world of nouns!
Mrs. Kearing's Class  

Nouns Rock                         

Cool Nouns   


Fun Facts about Nouns 

Mrs. Paar's Class                                                

Grammar Cinemas                                                    

Nouns All Around                                                                    

Super Grammar Town                                  

Noun World                                                                           
Wonderful World of Nouns                                                    
Nine Rounds of Nouns                                                                      

Grammar Town                                                                                      
Crazy, Crazy Nouns                                                               
Noun Ave.       
Mrs. Longo's Class

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fifth Grade Academy Awards!

The assignment for the fifth graders was to develop a presentation for science class on an animal of their choice.  They were to include the animal’s habitat, diet, structural adaptations and behavioral adaptations.

These fifth graders took to the task like true professionals!  They worked collaboratively in their groups and they wrote  original screenplays.  They made cue cards and practiced their parts, adding creativity along the way.  They transformed into actors and actresses.

Then after being taught the program iMovie, they became producers, editors, visual effects artists, creative directors, sound designers, and masters of green screen technology!  Look out HOLLYWOOD!  

Special thank you to the fifth grade teachers who collaborated with us on this project: 
Mrs. Quinn, Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Derosier, and Mrs. Roberts.  

Also, check out the amazing photos taken by Mrs. Bannon! Thank you Roxanne!


      Enjoy the Movie Stills!


                                                               Behind the Scenes...


Read all about it in the Republican:
Be sure to view the slideshow!

Thank you ABC40 for covering the event!