Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Fifth Graders Find Their Strengths!

By learning about and valuing students' strengths, we motivate their learning.  Letting students know that there are many areas in which they are intelligent gives them confidence.  
Fifth graders took a multiple intelligence survey, and then graphed their results in Google sheets.  
They were very excited to become aware of all of their many strengths!  Check out the hallway by the technology integration room to see all of the results! 

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Center School Sightings! Episode One!

Welcome to another season of our school newscast, Center School Sightings (CSS)! We're excited about bringing you all of the events and excitement for learning 
from our school. This newscast is produced entirely by our fifth graders!  
It is amazing to see the news through their eyes.

Our first episode takes you to our beginning of the year all 
school assembly.  A 
special thank you to Aiden for kicking off the newscast in style!

To see all of our newscasts as the year continues or to 
look back over the last six years, please check out our website: Center School Sightings


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

All I Do is READ!

This whole Center School video was created by the unbelievably creative Ms. Valerie Fritz and supremely talented Mrs. Joy Bocchino.  It features the 400+ students at our school and highlights the importance for all of us to READ and to CELEBRATE the Year of the Reader... enjoy the parodies!!

Have a safe and happy summer everyone!

Mrs. G

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Third Grade's Got TALENT!!

Special thank you to Mrs. Craft, Mrs. Iancu and Ms. Nichols for this modern day Talent Show!!  Much appreciation to all of the 3rd grade parents for helping to showcase the amazing talents of our third graders!


 Mrs. Iancu's Third Grade's Got Talent!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Center School Sightings - Episodes 27 and 28

Welcome to our last CSS of the school year!  For these episodes, much appreciation goes to Mrs. Fritz and Mrs. Bocchino who brought  Heifer International's Read to Feed Program to us.  Center students went above and beyond getting donations for families in need, and at the same time they read their hearts out!   If that wasn't enough, Mrs. Fritz and Mrs. Bocchino secured a DUNK Tank for students to have the unique chance to dunk their teachers based on the amount of reading they did!  It was another day that showed Center's collaboration, creativity and determination to help students.

Personally, I want to sent a shout out and big thank you to the CSS Team - 76 fifth grade students who worked so hard and achieved so much to bring 28 episodes to you throughout the year.  A very special thanks goes to the fifth grade teachers: Mrs. Quinn,  Ms. Manna,  Mrs. Bombardier, and Ms. Anderson.  Their flexibility and generosity are why the students had such a great experience!

Please feel free to view this year and our last six years of the CSS newscast by visiting our website, Center School Sightings.


Mrs. G

        Episode 28

       Episode 27

Friday, June 15, 2018

Center School Sightings - Episode 26

Mrs. Hinkamper's kindergarteners performed their original play, Gingerbread Loose in Longmeadow.  What an incredible job these actors and actresses did!  Enjoy!

Center School Sightings - Episode 25

Mrs. Palazzi's kindergarteners bring you Cat Colors, an original play!  They did an outstanding job bringing their characters to life!

To see all of our newscasts as the year continues or to look back over the last six years, please check out our website: Center School Sightings