Friday, November 9, 2018

We Learn about Our Veterans!

Special thanks to Xander's Mom, Sergeant Fowler, from the United State Army.  She, along with Sergeant Coachman and Sergeant Lewis taught the kindergarteners about service to our country and what Veteran's Day is all about.  Thank you Sergeants for your service.  

These kindergarten faces are so sweet!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Tour of the United States Landmarks- Brought to You by Grade Two!

Second grade has been busy in traveling the country through the use of our LEEF grant Virtual Reality goggles to learn about our US landmarks!  Today they take YOU with them on a tour of each one.  They worked hard on speaking clearly and using expression.  The second graders did such a great job, you may see them on the next travel show!  Enjoy!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Name that State Gameshow! Your Hosts: The Fourth Graders!

The fourth graders produced their own movies to see how well YOU know your New England states!

First, they collaboratively researched their states.  Secondly, each group of students wrote their scripts together. Thirdly, they decided on a green screen background, and lastly, they used the DoInk app to film one another, encouraging expression in their voices.

From beginning to end, so proud of their efforts!  Fourth graders can do it all!!

Now let's see how YOU do in their gameshow!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Center Tech Experts!

Two second grade students and a fourth grade student took it upon themselves to ask if they could bring in some technology projects they've been working on at home.  Knowing this is such a great opportunity for leadership and for the classes to learn from their peers,  I definitely took them up on their request!

Jack taught the second graders all about Stop Motion by showing examples he made and instructing students in making their own.  Bella showcased her work on iMovie trailers, by directing interested students in creating a class trailer.  Langdon brought in Nintendo Switch, and explained how he built the parts that work in the games played on the Smartboard.   

All three students were excelled in their presentation and instructing classmates. The students learned a lot and had such a great time doing so!  It was a joy to watch our tech experts in action!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Center School Sightings - Episode 4

Our annual Center School Halloween Parade!  Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!


To see all of our newscasts as the year continues or to look back over the last six years, please check out our website: Center School Sightings

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Center School Sightings - Episode 3!

Welcome to our first monthly PeaceBuilders Rally!!  As a community of PeaceBuilders, we come together to focus on one of our practices.  For this rally, we celebrate our pledge to praise people! Special thanks to the fifth grade teachers and students for their leadership!  Enjoy!!

To see all of our newscasts as the year continues or to look back over the last six years, please check out our website: Center School Sightings

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


I am thrilled to report after our successful pilot program last year, we are expanding our dog assisted intervention program, Paws4Cardinals, at Center School. There’s nothing Murphy enjoys more than working with children to spread happiness and provide assistance.
This year, Murphy will be visiting twice a week as well as coming in for "Meet and Greets" with all of the Center School students as a way for them to get to know our dog assistant better.
As expected, the visits are a highlight in the day for all involved! To learn more about Murphy, please click on his website: Paws4Cardinals