Friday, June 7, 2019

Center School Sightings - Episodes 12, 13, and 14!

Be sure to check out the awesome assembly by Center's Reading Ambassadors, as well as Mrs. Hinkamper and Mrs. Palazzi's terrific kindergarten class plays.  Well done everyone!

Thank you Delaney from our CSS staff for filming!

Thank you guest CSS videographer, Mr. Palazzi!

To view any of our episodes from the last seven years, 
please see our CSS website, Center School Sightings

Monday, June 3, 2019

4th Grade US Regions

The fourth graders rocked these multi-dimensional projects!

Working with their Social Studies teachers, Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Glading, Mrs. McColgan, their librarian, Jen Mulcahy, and the True Flix online region books, students gathered research on each region's natural resources, climate, history, monuments, major cities, landforms, culture, food, animals, people and any other topics of interest!

Using the share feature on Google Presentations, students worked simultaneously and collaboratively to demonstrate their knowledge.  This included planning their vision and making decisions as a team on how to display the research, formatting the slides and organizing the presentation.

Each group then chose a focus in which to write a script and used the Doink app to film a an overview of their region on the green screen. 

The result: A class presentation on each region of the United States!

The skills these fourth graders demonstrated through this project are too numerous to list.  I am incredibly proud of their collaboration and willingness to help each other produce their best work as they held each other accountable.

Enjoy!  Each one is so unique, feel free to check out all four!

Mrs. McLean's Class

Mrs. Glading's Class

Mrs. McColgan's Class

Friday, May 31, 2019

Center School Sightings: Episode 11 - Field Day!

A special thank you to Ms. Gauthier and Mrs. Capotosto for an amazing Field Day!   

To view any of our episodes from the last seven years, 
please see our CSS website, Center School Sightings

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Western Mass News

A big thank you to Meteorologist Janna Brown, from Western Mass News, who came to explain everything weather related to Ms. Green's fifth grade students.

While she was there, we asked her to broadcast the 7-day weather using OUR Green Screen Studio.  It was exciting to watch her "live" at our school!

To watch Janna's entire presentation, please click HERE. Thank you!

Friday, May 24, 2019

3rd Grade Biographies

The third grade teachers led an amazing collaborative project with their students that included parents and technology integration.  Students read biographies of their choice, completed information about their selected person, created a Google slideshow, and presented to family and friends!  Impressive third graders!!  Kudos to Mrs. Craft, Mrs. Iancu and Mrs. Bombardier for their hard work on this special project!

Thank you Nilani for filming Mrs. Iancu's class! 

Thank you Alexa for filming Mrs. Craft's class! 


Thank you Evelyn for filming Mrs. Bombardier's class!

Monday, May 13, 2019

5th Grade - Branches of Government

Students were challenged to make a middle school caliber presentation on the Branches of Government.  They researched, took notes, and designed their Google slideshows.  Finally, they demonstrated their knowledge by presenting to their class.