Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Center School's Fourth Grade Presents: The Show Must Go Online!

Melissa Drysdale Morrisey and the fourth grade teachers did the improbable - a musical done solely online!  What a tremendous display of talent, confidence, and showmanship from these incredible fourth graders. Their director/music teacher/wizard, Ms. Morrisey is simply a genius!

Enjoy the remarkable, highly creative show. What a group of resolved teachers, students, and parents knowing the show must go on...line!  

Congratulations and thank you!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Shine on Specials Week!

It has been so fun seeing all of you through Zoom (Murphy has loved it too!).  So much love and appreciation to you for continuing to do the tech activities in June!  You make me so happy everytime I hear from you!

STEM project alert!  Owen made the coolest erupting volcano!  It's 
going to make you want to try it at home - awesome job Owen!

Owen's sister, Addie, made a volcano erupt too! It's amazing to see!!

Olive's two dogs, Murphy and Brady can talk! Check out their videos!  Here's what she wrote about them:

Murphy was named after mom and dad went to Ireland. He is 9 years old. He loves to eat crust from my pbj sandwich. He loves playing with his brother and chasing him. My favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch in the morning with him. His nickname is Fi Fi because that’s what I called him when I was a baby. He is silly when he sings to his favorite songs by howling. 

Brady was named after Tom Brady when mom and dad we’re living in Virginia. He is 10 years old. He loves carrots and chewing up sticks. I love to play tug of war with him. His nickname is Bray Bray. He likes to sleep in my chair. 

Nathan's dog, Bijou, can do a trick that Murphy can't! It's called the "head tilt"and it's so adorable!!

Inspired by watching Murphy after a Bath, Nathan shows us Bijou after a bath, love Bijou's sounds!

Graham (grade 5) sent this incredible picture of a robin's nest in his backyard! Wow! 
Please click to enlarge to see all of the detail!

Meet Luke's dog, Thomas! Thank you Luke (grade 5) 
Thomas (whose 12th birthday was today, June 5th!) is such a cutie!

What an amazing photo walk you went on Addie!
Thank you for sharing these incredible photos!
Please click to enlarge and see the springtime beauty!

Olive is learning how to type! Check out her hands on the home row - excellent job Olive!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Center Cardinals Rock Technology!

I am so appreciative and grateful for all of the wonderful technology lessons you all have been doing!  It's so great to hear from all of you and your work is absolutely sensational! It just warms my heart!! ❤️ Thank you to the best students ever!

Addie (K) made this incredibly creative stop motion - it is so clever! Thank you to her brother, 
Owen (3) for helping make the town.  This is what stop motion is all about - 
can you see the beginning, the middle and the end of the story?

Duke (grade 1) had an incredible day of engineering fun with this amazing STEM project!

Photo collage - "I chose green as the color for my photo walk." By Owen, Grade 3

Nathan (Grade 3) and his cute dog send a video to Mrs. G and Murphy

Be Internet Awesome Digital Citizenship! Click to play!

Daniel, Grade 3, is king of the STEM projects!!  These are incredible!

Daniel, Grade 3, makes a boat, will it float or will in sink? Watch to see what 
you're guess is before finding out the answer!  Great job Daniel, Grade 3!

Message from Nora with her Murphy, Kindergarten

Olive, kindergarten, did the outdoor scavenger hunt and found moss!  Great job Olive!

Click to enlarge and see Addie's sketches from the 
Outdoor Scavenger Hunt! (Kindergarten) So proud of you Addie!

Josh (grade 3) and Jake (K) work their magic on the green screen! Surf's up dude!

Owen (grade 3) and Addie (K) make a chalk drawing on a pallet! 

Daxton (grade 2) found Alamy Wild Flowers on his Outdoor Scavenger Hunt!  Beautiful!

Owen, grade 3, made an incredible stuffed animal elevator as a STEM project - good thinking Owen!

Addie, kindergarten, wrote a beautiful book about therapy dogs and when she read her 
work, a surprise guest came to listen!  Thank you Addie and Mrs. Quirk!

Daniel, grade 3, builds and tests his catapult! You are amazing Daniel! King STEM!

Ze'eva (grade 3) did a beautiful photo collage in her house! Guess what color she chose?

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Have Fun with Tech!

Enjoy these great videos and photos students sent for technology!  It makes me (and Murphy) so very happy to hear from you!! You all did such a wonderful job and I am so grateful to be able to be your teacher!  Thank you Olive, Daxton, Simone, Duke, Ari, Lily, Emi, Matthew, Andrew, Joseph, Fanchi, Noah L., Simone, Brady, Kayleigh, Noah A., Sarah, Douglas, Ava, Lorenzo, Drew, Charlie, Zach, Anya, Bryn, Owen, Addie, Addison, and Annabelle!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Center Remote Learning - Technology Style!

A big THANK YOU to our students who are working so hard from home!  Students have shared their technology projects with me and I am so appreciative!  Check out these super coding, STEM, Apple Creative and Google slideshow projects!  Thank you Owen, Daniel, Addie, Avery, Duke, Will, Maeve and Charlotte!  You rock!!