Tuesday, April 11, 2017

First Graders Teach the Water Cycle!

First graders were so excited to be on the green screen!  Practicing their scripts and working on saying their lines together, they did a fabulous job showcasing the water cycle that they are learning in science class.  Special thanks to their first grade teachers:  Mrs. Salvatore, Mrs. Silva, and Mrs. Kadis.


Friday, April 7, 2017

Second Graders Can Be VERY Persuasive!

Graphic designers, script writers, on-air personalities... is there anything our second graders can't do?!

As part of a persuasive writing unit, students came up with a name for a new cereal, designed a cereal box cover, wrote persuasive commercials and delivered like a seasoned professional.  You don't want to miss these, as students definitely gave it their ALL!

Enjoy!! You're going to want to purchase a lot of cereal after this!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

5th Grade Take Climate and Weather to a New Level!

Fifth graders completed amazing Adobe Spark Pages on climate and weather of each U.S. region, in collaboration with science teachers, Ms. Manna and Ms. Anderson.  The students studied the differences between the two terms, had a visit with Western Mass Meteorologist Dan Brown, learned the software, and worked together in teams to create these beautiful displays of their research. Below are a just few examples, please visit the website to see all students projects.  Impressive fifth graders!

To visit all projects, please click here!
The High Plains 5M>

The Southern Region! 5B 

SouthEast 5Q

The Northwest 5A

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fourth Grade - Incredible United States Region Projects!

The fourth graders rocked these multi-dimensional projects!

Working with their Social Studies teachers, Mrs. Kardos and Mrs. McLean, as well as in library with Mrs. Elfeky on the True Flix online region books, students gathered research on each region's natural resources, climate, history, monuments, major cities, landforms, culture, food, animals, people and any other topics of interest!

Using the share feature on Google Presentations, students worked simultaneously and collaboratively to demonstrate their knowledge.  This included planning their vision and making decisions as a team on which topics each would cover, how to display the research, formatting the slides and organizing the presentation.

Each student then chose a focus in which to write a script and use the Doink app to film a scene from their region on the green screen, reporting on their chosen area.  The students were tasked with filming each other, and then exporting their videos and inserting them into the final presentations.

The result: A class presentation on each region of the United States!

The skills these fourth graders demonstrated through this project are too numerous to list.  I am incredibly proud of their collaboration and willingness to help each other produce their best work as they held each other accountable.

Enjoy!  Each one is so unique, feel free to check out all four!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Third Grade Tackle Geometry!

Using real world objects, students creatively wrote about how they could remember the meaning of different geometry terms.  It is amazing what they chose!  Then selecting photos, they filmed on the green screen and the result is remarkable. I am so proud of the third graders for their focus, creativity and working with the their classroom teachers and me to create a wonderful showcase for remembering all of these terms!

Center School Sightings - Episode 12 - Poetry Cafe!

Walking into Mrs. McLean's class yesterday was like walking down the streets of Paris... a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower to your left, laughing children in colorful berets, faint French music playing in the background and waiters poised to bring you delectable treats.
This was the scene of the annual Poetry Cafe - a gathering for students and their parents and an opportunity for students to share their beautiful poetry anthologies. Take a peek into Paris!

To see all of our episodes, please visit our station link, Center School Sightings