Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Magazine Covers by Second Grade

The second graders are busy researching animals and writing reports in class.  Today in technology integration, they created their report covers in the form of a magazine.  How clever these students are!  Click to enlarge, then scroll through to see the amazing creations.




Fifth Grade Brings Public Service Announcements to Center

In their study of the Earth's resources, the fifth graders created PSAs, reminding us to use our land, air and water wisely.  They did such a great job conveying a vital lesson in today's world!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wampanoag Google Presentations by Third Graders

The third graders are new to their Google accounts, but you wouldn't know it!  They did a magnificent job researching the Wampanoags and taking notes on a Google document.  Then they created these presentations and using the Apple TV in the classroom, were able to share them with the entire class!
If you would like to see someone's presentation, just ask him or her!  It's as easy as signing into a Google account.

Fourth Graders are Making Connections with Midwesterners!

In their study of the midwest, the fourth graders have been researching the twelve states that make up this region.  What better way to add another dimension to their research than by talking to people who live there?

A special thank you to our guests, Mrs. Carmen Coleman, Mr. Brad Held, and Mrs. Krishna Longanecker.  We also extend our gratitude to Mr. Tron Young, principal of Centralia Junior High School in Centralia, Illinois, as well as their eighth grade students and teachers.

The fourth graders were poised, engaged and gained such insight into this part of our country.  Way to go everyone!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Water Cycle by First Grade

The first graders had their turn in the green screen studio to bring the steps of the water cycle to life in this movie they made.  Learn more about the water cycle and enjoy these first grade movie stars!!