Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Student Created Movies Earn Academy Awards!

Technology Integration at its finest!  The fifth grade teachers immersed the students in all things colonial with a culminating writing project -  first person journals of the life and times of colonists.  From there, they guided students to create an original screenplay depicting an actual event during the 1600s.

From that knowledge, the students did the job of hundreds of professionals as they revised and practiced their screenplays,  became actors and actresses, and mastered chroma key green screen technology.

In post production, they performed the tedious work of editing as well as becoming sound designers, visual effect artists and title/credit creators. 

What a way to showcase their immersion in colonial times as part of the fifth grade curriculum!   And the Oscar goes to...  

Mrs. Quinn's Class

Mrs. Risler's Class

Ms. Manna's Class

Academy Awards Event!



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