Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Read to Care! CSS - Episode 15

In the Read of Care program, students read to get sponsors.  When they read a set amount, the sponsor donates a care bag, which is then donated to a homeless shelter.  The "Share to Care" book swap gave students a chance to add to their collection!  Learn about it all in our Center School Sightings Episode!  

Just after week one, students have read enough to donate 40 child care bags, 40 male care bags, 55 female care bags and 205 dental care bags!!  Keep reading Center students - you have until Friday, February 26th to read and get as many care bags as you can!

Special thank you to Donna Hutton, Valerie Fritz, Karen Rafferty and Lynne Elfeky for their hard work to bring this wonderful opportunity to Center School!!

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