Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Double Dose of the PeaceBuilders Program!

We have begun the PeaceBuilders program this year!   Find out what it's all about!!

From the PeaceBuilder's website: "its essence is a common language - six principles, taught, modeled and practiced.  These same principles set behavioral expectations, reduce aggression, and transform the climate and culture of the environment to one which is cooperative, supportive, productive and academically successful."  http://www.peacebuilders.com

Part One:  Learn all about this program from all of our students at Center!

Part Two:  Grammy Award Nominated Singer/Songwriter and Children's Author of The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade, Justin Roberts, was brought to Center for an all day presentation/workshop through a LEEF Grant funded to our media specialist, Lynne Elfeky.  It was an amazing presentation and fit into our PeaceBuilders program perfectly.

To visit all of our CSS episodes, please go to our website: Center School Sightings Newscast

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