Friday, April 11, 2014

Student Created Movies Earn Academy Awards!!

The fifth graders did the job of hundreds of professionals as they wrote their own screenplays, became actors and actresses, and mastered chroma key green screen technology.

In post production, they performed the tedious work of editing as well as becoming sound designers, visual effect artists and title/credit creators.

What a way to showcase their immersion in research about a chosen animal's adaptations, habitat and diet.  And the Oscar goes to...

Ms. Manna's Class: The White Tiger, Lost, Cuttlefish Krazy, and The Ocelot Adventure

Ms. Manna's Class: Go, Go Mountain Gorilla and It's Coming!

Mrs. O'Connor's Class: The North American Beaver, The Snow Adventure, Ginormous Giraffes

   Mrs. O'Connor's Class: The Chameleon, Tasmanian Devils, Cocoa the Narwhal

Mrs. Quinn's Class: Under the Sea, Jawz 5, The Marsh Lions

Mrs. Quinn's Class: Canis Lupus Arctos Craze, Hedgehog the Movie, The Blobfish

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